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Electrical & Instrumentation Sevices

Flexible approach with enhanced efficiency of support

Global Energy Solutions (GLENSOL) provides complex Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I) support to both onshore and offshore operations throughout the entire project lifecycle, starting from design and installation to commissioning, support and regular monitoring. Our packages also offer failure mode effect and analysis.

Our solutions are aimed to improve support efficiency, maximise running time and reduce operating overheads. We help our clients face a spectrum of challenges by delivering a range of comprehensive services designed to minimize administrative costs, avoid delays and dead time, while also building safer work processes.

GLENSOL’s E&I solutions cover demands of most complex automation activities, working with design & engineering, planning, machinery testing, provision of materials, installation, operational commissioning and project management. Our highly trained staff provides speedy and efficient delivery of support through systematic monitoring and maintenance.

In order to make sure that your specific needs are completely taken care of, GLENSOL also offers complementary services from across Nobel Energy Group, including support for plant, equipment and personnel resourcing, rope access and more.

How we add value:

  • We provide solutions for the entire project lifecycle: from design to validation, including execution, support and calibration
  • We present a flexible range of offerings, working across low voltage to high voltage electrical distribution networks
  • We supply comprehensive instruments and inspection offerings: covering the entire technical range from PLC/SCADA to field components
  • We deliver cost effective control & monitoring, installation, through innovative solutions such as rope access and netting
  • We offer construction systems for utility and industrial purposes with reduced costs
  • We formulate bespoke support and monitoring services to meet given requirements

The range of services:

  • Electrical Solutions
  • Instrumentation & Controls
  • Building Services
  • E&I Integrity Solutions