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Supply chain management

Ensuring items are sourced and made available when and where required

Global Energy Solution (GLENSOL) uses excellent existing partnerships and agreements with valve manufacturers to supply inventory and spares support. By working directly with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), we are able to offer competitive prices and a full range of valve selection and procurement solutions.

We take a proactive and independent approach to procurement, building relationships with all the key vendors and manufacturers within the valve industry. We arrange down-stream contracts and traditional procurement approaches to suit customer’s individual needs.

How we add value:

  • Ensuring the correct technical solution prior to commitment
  • Lifecycle costs forefront when considering the best commercial solution
  • Inventory of spares shared between customers
  • OEM component support
  • In-house reverse engineering
  • Valve actuation Sizing Programme
  • Benchmarked delivery and quality targets
  • Transparent, trustworthy purchasing mechanisms based on our QMS system
  • Optimum storage points selections made whether offshore, onshore or at the manufacturer
  • Optimised minimum and maximum levels for spares based on criticality