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Top Drive services

On-site support for your Top Drive

Global Energy Solutions (Glensol) has a team of seasoned field technicians who ensure quick on-site response to any emergency.

The range of services:

  • Field service support
  • Top Drive installation, disassembly and transportation
  • Regular maintenance and monitoring
  • Top Drive inspection, overhaul, trouble-shooting
  • Top Drive repair and major overhaul
  • Vertical run testing of Top Drive systems with custom-designed dynamometer
  • Preventative maintenance (PM) and operational support
  • Rig retrofit work for both new and used systems
  • Top Drive packaging of all support components
  • Universalized Top Drive control systems
  • Spare parts provision
  • Third party consulting

We serve the following items of Top Drive:

  • Electrical service loop
  • Hanger assembly with integrated counterbalance cylinders
  • Guide rail system inducing mast-contained torque
  • Link-tilt-system with position monitoring designed for high impacts
  • Standard washpipe
  • Manual and remote-controlled IBOP
  • Backup Clamp