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Electric equipment services

Generator & Electric Motor Services

We provide essential self-sustained solutions for mechanical equipment, including maintenance and parts acquisition, ensuring secure and fail-safe operations. Smooth, uninterrupted services in electric machinery is more important now than ever in the age of technology advancements and greater concern on environment.

GLENSOL can manage even the most complex projects, providing planning, design, installation, diagnostics, supported by plant and manpower, commissioning and project management. We operate projects through an integral team, with our proficiency in:

  • Generators & Motors
  • Engineering and Maintenance Support

Motor and generator services available on-site and off-site:

  • Inspection & overhaul
  • On-site installation
  • Diagnostics and testing
  • Stator & rotor rewinding
  • Stator & rotor re-wedging
  • Stator core repair
  • Rotor end cap renovation or replacement
  • Bearing renovation or replacement
  • Reverse engineering
  • Electrical and mechanical diagnostics
  • Components provision (e.g. wedges, retaining rings, shafts, bearings, etc.)

Using our own supply chain for re-engineering, we improve client profits by reducing throughput time for continuous and safe production.

Our specialist Engineering and Maintenance teams are available on-site at short notice. Our expert manpower ranges from fitters to engineers and provide project and construction management, administration, technical documentation, planning, document support, maintenance services, plant management and occupational health and safety guidance.