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Vendor Managed Inventory


Glensol provides Vendor Managed Inventory services as part of its ‘Your One Stop Shop’ philosophy, which allows to serve the entire fleet of mechanical and electrical equipment of our customers. The services include supply, storage and maintenance of client’s inventory. The main objective is to ensure readily available spare machines at any time in a reliable serviceable condition for safe operations. Itreduces downtime and the risk of a prolonged shutdown. The machines are being preserved under specific conditions, ready to be dispatched the same day with reduced transportation damage risk because off it for purpose packaging.

What we offer

Glensol warehouse management service consists of four segregated storage facilities:

  • Chemical storage
  • Regular condition storage with an unlimited racking system and more than with expansion possibility
  • Best in class700sq.m. of specialized dust-free preservation facility with humidity and temperature control system.
  • Open space7000sq.m.storagewith expansion possibility

Why rely on VMI

Here are some of the proven benefits of VMI

  • Experienced Material controllers and warehouse men

  • Easy and instant access for a client to all the equipment including proper racking labeling and database allowing instant location identification and dispatch to end-user

  • Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor is applied to all shafts and machined faces to prevent surface corrosion

  • International standard racking system with load test certification and annual checks

  • Supply of EURO Pallet for goods received on the broken or damaged pallet

  • Supply of preservation material and perform preservation in accordance with OEM recommendations including periodic visual inspections

  • Timely inspection of parts by API/ASME certified technicians

  • Registration of received equipment and tracking in SAP system

  • Obtaining proper stock code for parts with missing identification

  • Periodic reporting of movement and weekly updates including obsolesce tracking which will prevent the end-user from storing equipment for a redundant position.

  • Packing of parts before dispatch which includes shrinking wrapped and strapped to a EUR standard pallet to assist with the prevention of accidental damage during logistics to the end users site.

  • Provision of easy access to equipment for customer

  • large range of in-house mobile lifting equipment – mobile cranes, forklifts & cherry pickers.

  • 24/7 Security system

  • Housekeeping