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Integrated turbomachinery control solutions

Proven expertise for complex solutions

Integrated Turbomachinery Control Solutions of Global Energy Solutions (GLENSOL) improve process flow and maintainability by:

  • Simplification of processes with reduced spare parts
  • Consolidation of all installations through a single, transparent interface

By using proven turbomachinery and operations expertise, we deliver complex turbomachinery solutions that simplify work flow and maintenance. Our automation services can be performed during retrofits and controls can span equipment from individual producers.

How we add value:

  • Simplified interaction and reduced fault probability through using a single automation processor
  • Single engineering platform for more efficient maintenance with reduced costs for training and software
  • Reduced unplanned shutdowns through avoiding redundancies in field signals
  • Reduced diversity and inventory size through uniform hardware selection
  • Transparent processes with easy troubleshooting, due to a common HMI that logs errors and indicates the underlying cause
  • Simplified maintenance through consolidated documentation (P&I, electrical and wiring diagrams)

GLENSOL Integrated Turbomachinery Control Solutions cover:

  • Turbine generators
  • Turbine-driven compressor trains
  • Motor-driven compressor trains
  • Turbine–motor/generator compressor trains