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Valve services

Continuous production ensured by optimised valve operations and preventative maintenance

We ensure effective and continuous operation, offering integral solutions for valves management, including project management, maintenance management, cyclical and preventative maintenance. Delivering its services Global Energy Solutions (GLENSOL) guarantees optimum, safe pipeline functioning through the correct operation and maintenance of control valves, pressure safety valves, and shut-off valves.

Our highly skilled team tackles a full range of your valve-related tasks, with a complete maintenance process service that includes dismantling, repair, overhaul, commissioning, reinstallation, and replacement if necessary. Our complex solutions are available in our service center or through rapid on-site response, and we are prepared to fully customise specific services and provide consultancy.

Rapid on-site response

Our flexibility makes it possible to offer a rapid on-site response for all repairs and overhauls in any locale or region. Our test facilities are available to be deployed on-site.

How we add value:

  • Integrated services with modular, customisable approaches
  • Highly skilled teams with proven experience
  • Flexible and adaptable approach to operations and maintenance
  • Measurably defined high standards designed to meet targets
  • Close working relationship with customers and partners
  • Close working relationship with all the major valve manufacturers
  • Reliable service

The range of services:

  • Valve Overhaul & Repair
  • Valve Diagnostics
  • IRIS Reporting
  • Maintenance engineering
  • Shut-off, control- and safety valves service diagnostics
  • Testing and certification