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Turnaround Management

Efficient and safe delivery of services

Through the modification of project support, Global Energy Solutions (GLENSOL) increases your asset performance while minimising shutdown time and costs. Our turnaround services are delivered efficiently and safely and with no compromising on quality, ensuring that your plant is up and running within the agreed deadlines.

We provide transparent, simplified processes for complex turnarounds by focusing on the scope of the shutdown window. Our highly skilled multi-disciplinary teams develop customised plans based on your specific needs and requirements, with the optimised costs and extended maintenance intervals. Our services go beyond scoping, covering work preparation, implementation and close-out.

GLENSOL takes on any project, regardless of size or location, tackling turnarounds from the earliest stages of preparation. By thoroughly defining the scope and capturing shutdown metrics and plant information, we optimise safety, reliability and processes not just for your individual projects but for any future shutdowns as well.

How we add value:

  • Increased efficiency and reduced downtime ensured by careful planning and advanced technology
  • Capture of all turnaround metrics, for clear definitions, effective preparation, optimal safety and improved future turnarounds
  • Combined management of unscheduled tasks, narrow shutdown windows and high manning levels
  • Highly skilled teams cover multiple disciplines, requiring fewer on board personnel
  • Single point of contact for minimum customer/supplier interfaces