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Reliability & Integrity Management

Optimising asset performance and minimising costs

Our services improve the performance of your assets and optimise costs, while aligning your assets with the relevant regulations. We increase asset reliability and integrity to achieve higher availability and more output, while our maintenance plans reduce costs and downtime.

At Global Energy Solutions (GLENSOL), we offer our expertise to increase your asset reliability, control costs and reduce chances of asset failure. We assist our customers in complying with current regulations, establishing sound asset maintenance plans and calculating optimum replacement intervals. By using the most effective reliability software tools, we support you in setting up systems to capture data and analyse your reliability & integrity management. By staying up-to-date with international standards and regulations, we ensure that your technical installations are compliant and help minimise the impact of changing regulations on your assets.

How we add value:

  • Maximisation of installation output
  • Minimisation of installation input
  • Installation integrity & compliance
  • Achievement and maintenance of legal compliance
  • Achievement and maintenance of regulatory compliance, including ISO
  • Improvement of safety, health and environmental performance
  • Optimisation of installationlifetime

The range of services:

  • Maintenance plans based on proven methods and tools
  • Flexible implementation that ensures the best and most efficient uses
  • Use of data analytics and statistics to optimise asset failures and replacements
  • Implementation and use of specialised reliability software tools
  • Compliance with international regulations and standards for technical installations
  • Cost-effective risk management systems