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Low voltage systems

Reliable low voltage solutions

Global Energy Solutions (GLENSOL) puts into practice years of experience while providing procurement, construction, engineering, maintenance and installation of electrical facilities. The offered solutions are available in all industrial areas, combining proven expertise in the field with a deep understanding of established regulations and standards. We provide support for investment planning, budget implementation, cost reduction calculations as well as for other financial activities.

Our turnkey support applies proven expertise and in-depth understanding of all electrical installation aspects: from planning and engineering through to maintenance.

How we add value:

  • Turnkey projects: single point of contact and responsibility makes interactions clear, flexible and economical
  • Solutions for the entire project lifecycle: from design to validation, including implementation, service & maintenance, calibration, as well as decommissioning
  • Cost-effective installations delivered through Special Access Systems
  • Specialist qualification in ATEX Directive

The range of services:

  • Underground and Above Ground Cabling installation
  • Cable Termination
  • Cable Tray & Equipment Installation
  • Switchgear & Distribution
  • Normal & Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Lightning Protection
  • Earthing Systems & Grids
  • Heat Tracing
  • Generators & Transformers
  • AC/DC Motors
  • UPS Systems
  • Test & Commissioning
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Ex Inspection
  • Provision of CompEx Certified Technicians