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Top Drive site installation & commissioning

Optimised performance and operational reliability of your Top Drive

Global Energy Solutions (Glensol) delivers professional services that ensure better availability and optimized performance of your Top Drive. Certified engineers make sure your Top Drive fit the agreed functional requirements and is aligned with all safety parameters for enhanced reliability. We ensure site repair services for interrupted drilling operation. Top Drives commissioned in a proper and accurate manner run better, more safely, with less energy consumption and longer life-span.

How we add value:

  • Installation & commissioning of Top Drives of different brands and models
  • Compliance with local legislation and safety regulations
  • Involvement of certified engineers ensuring the optimized performance and operational reliability of Top Drives
  • A database with all commissioning documentation and the process parameters for both engineers and customers

The range of services:

  • Pre-installation rig survey
  • Safety and installation check according to manufacturer’s procedure
  • Test or verification of proper motor cabling insulation
  • Inspection and test of Top Drive unit and control system
  • System commissioning and function test
  • Control signal checking at drive unit
  • Parameter settings
  • ID-run and test without process load
  • Optional process tuning after customer definitions
  • Mechanical/electrical/hydraulic problems on different models of Top Drives
  • Universalized Top Drive control systems
  • Spare parts provision
  • Consulting

Glensol also offers trainings on utilization of the Top Drive, which includes preventive maintenance (PM) guidance as well as routine operational activities.