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Our Services

Engineering and maintenance support

Power plant construction and operation

We provide highly experienced personnel who delivers engineering and maintenance onshore and offshore. With our proven expertise in power plants, we are able to manage day-to-day activities and react to unexpected issues in a short span of time. Our integral team oversees the entire project lifecycle, including project and construction management, maintenance planning, technical documentation, administration, plant management, occupational health & safety guidance.

We place great importance on building strong long-term relationships with our customers. We present proposals developed through thorough personal discussion to meet your specific maintenance and/or manpower needs. Starting with diligent preparatory works, we develop a complete picture of your established procedures and routine operations.

How we add value:

  • Partnership focus designed for long-term co-operation and valuable results
  • Specialist expertise supported by flexibility, efficiency and reliance
  • Customised services designed to meet your specific needs and build close working relationships

The range of services:


  • User guide revisions
  • Instructional pack compilation
  • Plant management


  • Planning Measures
  • Monitoring, inspection and control

Plant technology

  • Project management
  • Construction management
  • Documentation management
  • Computer aided design drawings
  • On-site fire precautions

Supporting processes

  • Quality management
  • Radiation protection management
  • Plant security
  • Occupational health & safety