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Turbomachinery controls

Maximising operability and minimising costs

Global Energy Solutions (GLENSOL) provides Turbomachinery Controls that increase operability and cut operating costs by enhancing the process flow. We offer the supply of customized components of turbine controls and compressor controls as well as solutions for complex turbomachinery controls.

GLENSOL’s control solutions encompass:

  • Start‑up/shutdown sequencing
  • Parameter trending
  • Monitoring critical parameters and running behavior
  • Maintenance and repair of hydraulic and mechanical controls, regardless of age

We provide controls packages based on client-specific requirements, including sequencing and monitoring solutions; the supply, installation and commission of DCS- and PLC-based governors; condition monitoring and digital protection. Our expert engineers offer turbomachinery commissioning and troubleshooting, including design and realisation, service tasks and interface (hydraulics/sensorics) solutions.

Matching our full range of services to your specific needs, we make it possible to control all machines in one chain, for added productivity. As our service is fully client-orientated, our offer includes selection, optimisation and orientation of the new installations.

How we add value:

  • Skilled specialists with proven turbomachinery and process experience
  • Performance-based service that ensures efficient operation and maintenance
  • Application of advanced hardware and software
  • Projection and application of interfaces
  • Turbine and compressor maintenance and control carried out by a single point of contact to ensure minimum downtime

The range of services:

  • Bespoke control packages
  • Replacement parts for individual components
  • Turbine generator and turbo compressor control services
  • Control and actuation system retrofits
  • Computerized maintenance management system