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Pump Services

Comprehensive maintenance, repair and overhaul services for all types of pumps

Malfunction of pumps will lead to a reduction in production capacity and even production downtime. Global Energy Solutions (GLENSOL) provides fast and effective maintenance, repair and overhaul of almost all brands and types of pumps. GLENSOL ensures day-and-night support for urgent pump problems. We supply bespoke solutions to address all your needs.

Effective and regular maintenance is essential for the optimum functioning of your pumps. We perform diagnostic services to precisely determine the condition of your pumps and ensure that you are not faced with sudden production downtime, as well as other related expenses.

Our unique service portfolio includes:

  • Rotor Balancing
  • Laser Alignement
  • First Line Maintenance
  • Pump Overhaul & Repair
  • Industrial Fans Overhaul & Repair
  • Extruder Overhaul & Repair
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Maintenance Engineering