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Cutting-edge solutions for oil field operations and equipment maintenance

Our comprehensive suite of services covers all the needs of the clients overcoming the challenges they come across

Client-centered approach to optimize the performance

We understand the needs of our clients offering customized solutions to meet the project-specific requirements

Established expertise to ensure day-to-day maintenance and tackle contingencies

Our specialist team delivers the services in reliable and efficient manner producing the results we intended

Global EnergySolutions (Glensol), Nobel Energy’s field operations and equipment maintenance subsidiary,is proud to announce its recent... November 2, 2023
Glensol, a subsidiary of Nobel Energy, concentrated on field operations and equipment maintenance, is pleased to announce that... September 11, 2023
Recently, Glensol, jointly with ENRX (formerly EFD), a global green technology company, hosted a technology Open Day event... July 12, 2023
Service Center

Maintenance and repair, testing and certification

Electric motors

Repair and rewind of electrical motors and generators up to 15 MW in our highly equipped workshop


Overhaul & repair, inspections, dynamic balancing, reconditioning, as well as all spray, coating and machining works, testing


Storage space and inventory control