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Case study

Glensol addresses crucial SCP challenge in safe and timely manner

Identifying goals

GLENSOL provides operation and maintenance services and supply of spare parts for gas turbines and compressors of South Caucasus Pipeline (SCP) facilities in Georgia. SCP gas compression system consists of two compressor stations: CSG1 and CSG2.

Glensol received an urgent request from bp to replace a failed Dry Gas Seal on one of the RB211 gas compressor units at CSG1 station in Georgia. Due to increase in gas flow through South Caucasus Pipeline Extension (SCPX) there was a need to run three trains simultaneously and with one non-running train there would be no redundancy in the system increasing production risks.

Overcoming challenges

Glensol promptly mobilized field service engineers on a short notice and successfully completed the scope in a planned and safe manner. The team expeditiously repaired the gas compressor unit and restored the fleet availability to 100%.

Maintaining sustainability

Other than dealing with the direct scope while overcoming the challenge, Glensol team also had to address several other critical technical issues related to gas turbine controls at both the CSG1 and CSG2 stations. As a result of strategic and prompt method used by the Glensol field service engineers, timely availability of critical machines for further safe and reliable operation of stations were maintained.

Quick facts about SCP in Georgia

  • Total length: 693 km
  • Length in Georgia: 250 km
  • South Caucasus Pipeline was constructed in the same corridor as the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline in order to minimize the environmental and social impact. The pipeline throughput capacity is up to seven billion 
  • cubic meters of gas per annum.
  • The SCP pipeline facilities include:

1 compressor station

2 sales gas offtakes, Turkey and Georgia

11 block valves collocated to BTC pipeline block valve stations

  • First commercial gas to Georgia was delivered in January 2007.