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Performance Maintenance

Flexibility ensured by implementation of best practice strategies

Our partnership services support outsourcing through implementation of best practice strategies. Based on your business challenges and present capabilities, we work with you to develop a tailored contract model and establish a partnership based on win-win principles. We apply our practices in areas such as measurability, sustainability, maintenance competencies, workforce knowledge and sourcing technical talent - to make sure you run better, faster and cheaper.

Our starting points in outsourcing are:

  • A truly collaborative approach with the customer
  • Understanding of customer values and cultures
  • Experienced workforce across a variety of technical disciplines
  • Best-in-class asset optimization and methodologies
  • Uncompromising safety
  • Sustainability

Our operational models are based on best asset management practices developed through a multidisciplinary approach that deals with maintenance, engineering and operating processes.

Governance rules/regulations and risk management form an essential part of asset management. Starting from the company’s and stakeholders’ requirements, we establish your asset management policy, strategy and goals, then translate this into maintenance concepts. We measure and analyse the results and implement the necessary improvements, paying special attention to change management, project management and knowledge management.

Realisation of these processes requires an optimised structure, with the necessary infrastructure and tools, staffed by people with specific competencies, skills and cultural backgrounds. We perform a people-oriented transition management with a focus on motivating people to adopt the GLENSOL’s work practices. These aspects are captured by on-the-job coaching and training provided by GLENSOL that are tailored to your business, while addressing topics such as process safety, process thinking, respect & teamwork, result-driven, customer focus and continuous improvement.