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Condition monitoring

Our GLENSOL+ CMMS Program offers a Right Place, Right Time & Right Solution

Machine Diagnostic services of Global Energy Solutions (GLENSOL) facilitate efficient maintenance and prevent shutdowns, ensuring an uninterrupted process flow. Our Condition Monitoring services result in less probability of breakdowns and hinder both operational downtime and an unexpected refit. Normal operation of rotating equipment is crucial for your production process, therefore its technical support has to be done by an experienced and reliable service provider.

How we add value:

  • Rotating Equipment condition assessment supported by all the necessary measures to lessen and eliminate the likelihood of plant downtime
  • Early detection of potential faults to allow planned maintenance which meets operational requirements
  • Prevention of production downtime
  • Achievement of optimum working lifespan by increasing the mean time between failure

While performing Condition Monitoring of rotating equipment, we carry out vibration measurements, as outlined in the ISO 10816 and ISO 18436 standards, which we abide. We offer you to benefit from our progressive and reliable EMERSON CSI 2140 system for measurement. The unparalleled diagnostic functions of the EMERSON CSI 2140 facilitate the provision of customized repair for your equipment.

Vibration Analysis

GLENSOL conducts vibration measurements and assembles rotating equipment -specific records. These records are thoroughly reviewed and analyzed by our BINDT Level 2 certified machine diagnostic engineers. Through this analysis, we assess the condition of your rotating equipment and present our conclusions in a concise report. If necessary, we can draw up a plan of action to effectively deal with any issues.


Thermography can be used to highlight areas of energy loss and ensure lower operating costs and carbon emissions by eliminating the wastage results.

GLENSOL’s Thermographic surveys serve as part of a condition monitoring contract with periodic inspections, enabling the identification and speedy solution of any issues, before they cause a breakdown or a safety risk, i.e. overheating electrical equipment, unbalanced loads, blocked transformer cooling system or defective electrical connections that could result in a fire.

Oil Analysis

Any machine using oil as a lubricant, insulator or power medium can have its condition monitored regularly through the collection of periodic samples for analysis, or monitored constantly to detect early warning of potential failure:

  • In bearings and gearboxes, oil can indicate if there is wear and/or contamination
  • In transformers and switchgear, electrical oil can indicate if a failure is imminent
  • For fluid power systems, oil analysis enables you to achieve the appropriate fluid cleanliness to keep equipment running and in line with the statutory regulations