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Glensol to train foreign technical specialists

September 12, 2022

- Establishment of a new service line to provide trainings to overseas engineers and technicians. 

- Local company to deliver high-quality competency-based training to foreign workforce to a high international standard.

Glensol, Nobel Energy’s field operations and equipment maintenance subsidiary, is pleased to announce that it has launched a Technical Trainings Programme aimed at training Iraqi oil and gas technical specialists.

The trainings will be conducted at Glensol’s world-class workshop in Baku for the technicians of Basra Energy Company (BECL), the main contractor at the Rumaila oilfield in Iraq, the third largest field in the world.

Based on the agreement, Glensol will deliver the trainings on the following subjects: Mechanical Rotating Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Mechanical Static Equipment and Control System and Field Devices.

The main objective of the trainings is to furnish technicians with all necessary knowledge and skills to handle and maintain the equipment operated in the field in line with the manufacturer’s and organisational practices and procedures.

The first module, which covered the Mechanical Rotating Equipment theme, was successfully delivered on 7-11 September.

Anar Orujov, Deputy Director Glensol said: “We are delighted to embark on a new chapter that will see Glensol share its experience with the industry engineers and technicians through our technical trainings programme, and very pleased to have our Iraqi colleagues in the first cohort. We are confident that Glensol’s main asset – a highly qualified team of engineers and technical specialists – will deliver the programme in the most efficient way to Iraqi colleagues, while extending our new training product line overseas.

Glensol’s advanced ‘One Stop Shop’ workshop, equipped with modern technology and facilities, is one of the most fitting platforms in the region to host both theoretical and practical industry trainings at the required level. We are proud to be among the few Azerbaijani service companies that are capable to deliver high-quality competency-based training to foreign workforce to a very high international standard”.

To ensure the optimization of the programme Glensol has involved some industry expertise to the programme.

Note to editors

Established in 2012, as a field operations and equipment maintenance subsidiary of Nobel Energy, Glensol has been a trusted provider –of local and international oil and gas companies with rotating equipment, including turbomachinery services and controls, operation and maintenance services –to some major energy companies in the region and across the world.