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Glensol becomes manufacturer of critical spare parts

September 28, 2021

Following thorough accreditations and certifications by key regulatory authorities, Glensol, a leading provider of oil and gas field operations and equipment maintenance services, has now become the local manufacturer of strategic spare parts in Azerbaijan.

This significant achievement comes after an agreement with RUMO – a heavy industry giant concentrated on comprehensive engineering solutions, including production of complete gas pumping units, their modules and systems – that has made Glensol a licensed local producer of spare parts.

As part of the license agreement, Glensol will start to assemble 10 GKN, 10 GKNAM, 10 GKNA reciprocating gas compressors and integral engine-compressor, and manufacture various compressor spare parts, in Azerbaijan, in its integrated, modern workshop, equipped with laboratories to deliver a wide range of tests prior to comissioning.

For its customers this means flexibility and efficiency – reduced supply chain costs and ability to deploy the required products faster and with less shipping and manufacturing time. Working with the local manufacturer also means thanks to the individual connection with Glensol, the customers will be informed of possible issues as they occur and solutions will be determined quickly. This will help keep production moving at a swift pace and ensure that the product meets all quality standards.

Glensol has gone a long way towards this significant achievement. For the last 10 years, the company has continually invested in the development of its physical assets and expertise, which are endorsed by key local and international buying authorities. Glensol has developed and regularly enhanced its quality management system, and ensured its facilities and services are compliant with all key regulatory requirements.

Tamerlan Aliyev, General Director, Glensol: “This significant milestone, is the result of Glensol’s continuous improvement approach that has underpinned the development and improvement of our infrastructure and capability. It marks both, Glensol’s proven capacity and capability to deliver high-quality services and products to its local and international customers, and the company’s continuous drive to support the development of local content in Azerbaijan.

Note to editors

Established in 2012, as an oilfield operations and equipment maintenance subsidiary of Nobel Oil Services, Glensol has been a trusted provider of local and international oil and gas companies with rotating equipment, including turbomachinery services and controls, operation and maintenance services.

The company offers the only integrated, ‘one-stop-shop’ workshop in the region that provides a wide range of services including extensive valve, top drive, pump, electric motor and generator services.